4 2014 Mar

How to Pick an Airbrush Tanning Solution

artesian tan blog 1 3-3-14One of my friends recently decided that her airbrush tanning habit would be far cheaper if she invested in her own spray tan kit and bought her own solution. It was a great idea in theory, but she’s had a really hard time picking a solution that she actually likes. A lot of the sprays have looked weird or not lasted nearly long enough.

She’d been picking them basically at random before, so I suggested that she start looking up reviews in order to find an airbrush tanning solution that would work for her. She had difficulties finding many reviews of any of them, but she could usually get enough information to determine whether it sounded like something that would be good for her.

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13 2014 Jan

Venetian PLUS Sunless Handheld Spray Tanning Solution by Norvell


Norvell Venetian PLUS

Norvell Venetian PLUS

Norvell’s new Venetian PLUS makes you look like you Just stepped off the Mediterranean Beach. The Venetian Plus color is formulated to mimic this sought after color indicative of this beautiful region. An exotically inspired formula combining violet & brown bronzers, the color works with all skin tones to produce our deepest, darkest, longest lasting tan yet!




Norvell’s new Venetian PLUS has many Benefits and a new Natural Actives Sunless Complex™:


  • Just off the Mediterranean Beach Color from Patented blend of Organic Eco-Cert DHA and bronzers found only in Norvell Professional Products.
  • Advanced DHA odor encapsulation molecules ‘trap’ and virtually eliminate common sunless odor.
  • Unique Dermal Barrier locks DHA within the top layer of the skin, providing longer lasting, deeper color results.
  • Natural Enzymes repair weak, dehydrated skin and promote the efficiency of the body’s own natural moisture levels.
  • Time Release Microcapsules hold and bind moisture within the skin, providing 24 hour hydration.


Eco-Cert DHA * Paraben Free * Gluten Free * Nut Allergen Free * Sulfate Free


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5 2013 Nov

I Felt Like a Princess Customizing My Own Airbrush Tanning Solutions

article-2158253-0D9CA22100000578-209_468x735Maybe it’s because I’m from New Jersey, but picking out my tanning solution at the salon makes me feel like a princess. It’s not because I want to be bronzed and ready to hunt down “gorillas” on the boards; I just like having something I do for myself every month at a small expense. Rather than picking up a purse problem, I decided to get a tan every month.

For those worried about my UV ray exposure, I actually decided on airbrush tanning solutions. By talking with the worker, I found a solution that would give me a regular healthy glow without looking unseasonably tan. It’s nice to have that little glow to make me feel more confident all year long.

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8 2013 Oct

Picking the Best Sunless Tanning Solution for You

spraytanWith the cold weather comes less time in the sun. While some are looking forward to building snowmen and starting snowball fights, many others are dreading the day the tan they worked on all summer starts to fade. Rather than accepting that their skin pigment is doomed to fade away, people can instead look for solutions to last through the winter.

There isn’t one sunless tanning solution to fit all. For some people, spray tans are the way to go. Rather than spending time staying at the salon, they can come in pale then step out with a golden complexion. For others, the vitamin D of a tanning bed and wonderful feeling the warmth is a much needed break from the long, cold winter days.

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10 2013 Sep

Airbrush Tanning for Redheads

amy_adams1I’ve always been the pale type who goes straight from having light skin to getting burnt when I spend too much time out in the sun. I think that stems from having red hair, because it’s pretty common knowledge that redheads are a lot more vulnerable to the sun and tend to have fairer skin overall. I do like looking tan, however, because I just think it looks better overall.

Instead of tanning beds and spending time in the sun, I’ve started using spray tan products. I think, at this point, that I would describe myself as an airbrush tanning advocate. All of my redheaded friends are always amazed as to how I can look so naturally tan, since it’s pretty much unheard of from redheads being able to get a tan like this in the sun.

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1 2013 Aug

Airbrush Tanning Solution to Impress a Special Guy

imagesThere’s a guy that I have a really strange relationship with. For the past half-decade, we’ve seen each other a few times a year, and then we’ll go huge amounts of time without hanging out, usually because one of us winds up in a relationship or we’re busy with work or just life in general. Yet every time we go on a date together, we seem to pick up right where we left off.

It’s kind of an exciting relationship, honestly. We enjoy being mostly single right now, but it’s the kind of thing where we might end up married someday when we’re older. Needless to say, I get very excited when I know I’m going to see him. I always get the best airbrush tanning solution so that I can look as good as possible; I want our time together to always be memorable.

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20 2013 Jun

Living Healthier with Airbrush Tanning

t460x279I’ve been trying to make healthier life decisions, simply because I’m getting a little older and I know I’ve been doing things in my life that aren’t good for me. Bad habits are sometimes hard to break and I don’t want to get old and still be stuck doing those bad habits so I’m trying to change those habits while I still can. I think I’ll be a lot better off for it.

I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet; I’m drinking a lot less soda and I’m trying to consume fewer carbohydrates overall. Making the switch to airbrush tanning from using tanning beds will ultimately be a healthy decision for me as well. On top of all that, I’ve been exercising at least three or four times a week, which has made me feel a lot better.

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30 2013 Apr

Airbrush Tanning Solution From A Mobile Tanning Business

tan loversI started using a mobile tanning service recently. I don’t know if you’ve ever used one before, but I hadn’t heard of them until just a few weeks ago, when one of my girlfriends told me she had switched over from tanning beds to the mobile spray-on services because she had found out it was a lot healthier for your skin and was a lot easier of a process as well.

Basically, someone comes to your door and they set up a tanning tent for you and then they use an airbrush tanning solution on you and make sure that no spots are missed and that everything looks natural and good. The airbrush tanning solution that they use generally has properties that make it additionally great for your skin, which is an added bonus.

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23 2013 Apr

No Longer Pale Thank To Airbrush Tanning Supplies

13skin-600For my teenage years, I was always so pale that I looked like a vampire. It didn’t help that I lived in an area where the sun didn’t come out that often, but it especially didn’t help that whenever the sun WAS shining, it would burn me pretty much instantaneously and I’d skip getting tanned right over to being embarrassingly red all the time.

High school was tough for me, but since then I’ve started figuring out what I can do with my skin tone ever since I started using some airbrush tanning supplies. Now I can actually get my skin to look tan, which is something I never had before, and there’s no danger of getting burnt by the sun or turning an embarrassing shade of red, like there used to always be.

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4 2013 Apr

Avoid Harm With A Sunless Spray Tan

carribean-tanThere are many different products available out there that can help give you a spray tan and prevent you from being harmed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which can eventually lead to skin cancer. There have been a number of different items referred to as ‘sunless tanning products,’ which are intended to give someone a tan without going into the sun.

Avoid sunless tanning pills, because these are known to be dangerous for the liver and can sometimes turn skin orange. Instead, use products that provide a sunless spray tan, through products that can be applied externally to the skin. Sunless spray tan products have been proven to be safe and are approved by the FDA.

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